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A Community Focused Group of Geocachers

Geocaching is an engaging outdoor and indoor activity that utilizes a GPS unit. As a small, growing community of geocaching enthusiasts, TerraCaching is proud to provide a unique listing of geocaches in 80 countries. 

With our point based system, each community is able to determine what type of caches appeal most to local geocachers. We value this kind of input; we feel that it creates a strong, quality experience related to the types of geocaches that are available in each community. We also have two kinds of competition on a global level, with our locationless and cyber caches. 

We strongly feel that caching is a life enhancing experience. It provides an opportunity to be active, see new places, find cool objects, and form strong bonds with your caching community. It allows our members to be active with technology, learn navigation skills, and also experience the great outdoors. 

As we continue to grow, we are seeking geocachers with similar interests- those who are passionate about the outdoors, about creating a database of quality, well maintained caches, and are open to trying new geocaching experiences. We hope you will join us and start exploring!

Offer sponsorship to other members, create new caches, approve your sponsoree’s caches, view the status of your submitted caches, and edit your drafts. The TerraCaching Toolkit contains most of your functional needs.