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The TerraCaching Sponsorship System

We focus strongly on our community here at TC Headquarters. The sponsorship system is a perfect example of this focus! We strongly believe that the hobby of geocaching is more fun when surrounded by friends, families, and people with similar interests. The sponsorship system is set up to provide this structure to our members. It provides numerous benefits to each community member, including: 

1. To help new members understand the site. Sponsors are your official TerraCaching guides; your sponsors should be able to help answer any questions you may have. The Community page is also a great place to get site tips once you have created an account. Someone is always around to help out!

2. To become two of your newest caching buddies. We love the community aspect of the sponsorship system. It allows members to meet each other and get to know a couple of other people who have at least one similar interest! They can also provide support as you learn the preferences of your local community. 

3. To support our community based cache approval. Sponsors approve your caches. Sponsors provide information on the different cache types that are available, verify the Cache Detail Page looks correct, and make recommendations on improvements. Generally, members are sponsored by members geographically close to them- together you can build the type of community that appeals to other local members. 

Once a new member has completed the activation process and logged back into the site, notifications go out to surrounding members. As time goes on, more and more members have the chance to extend an offer. You then get to select from this pool of offers to decide who your sponsors will be. Usually, new members will receive sponsorship within 24-48 hours. It always helps if you post on the Community Page and introduce yourself!

We are a growing group of innovative geocaching enthusiasts focused on creating quality outdoor experiences. Head out on adventures to find traditional, locationless, and cyber geocaches. Join us and explore the world around you!


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