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The History of Cyber Caches

Cyber Caches are unique to TerraCaching. Similar to traditional geocaches in that they are found in a specific location, these caches are found using online clues and mapping services. They can also be member challenges. They are a creation of our innovative community and we are proud to list them as a separate type of cache. 

TerraCaching has continued to allow locationless caches over the years and encouraged the growth of this category. As members from all over the world began hunting locationless caches, they came up with a new idea- why not look for caches using Google maps software? Why not challenge members to find a series of other cache types, from all sorts of caching sites? This type of caching was debated and discussed extensively in the forums of our old site. What should we name them? How do we define them? During the debate, we heard one thing loud and clear: these caches need to be their own category. When we launched our new site in July of 2014, we followed the desires of the TerraCaching Community and made Cyber Caches their own cache type. It is now a thriving part of the site that continues to grow in it's own unique way. Search by the type "Cyber Caches" to dig into the fun!

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