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Types of TerraCaches

Thanks to the creativity of our amazing community, we have a variety of cache types available. We will briefly describe them here, but sign in and check out the Community Page Resources section for additional information.  

Traditional CachesSimilar to a treasure hunt, these caches provide an opportunity for members to go a specified location and find the "treasure". On our site, this treasure could be a physical cache container, an interesting statue, or a cool location, like a waterfall.  

Locationless Caches: Truly, our database of locationless caches is one giant scavenger hunt. These caches allow members to search for a specific object and then find it somewhere out in the world. To log a find, members typically enter the coordinates of where the object was found. As you explore your surroundings, you will be surprised by how many locationless caches you will spot!  

Cyber caches: Cyber caches are a relatively new invention by our fabulous community. These caches are similar to traditional caches, as they are found at a specific location. However, they are done solely on a computer or are member challenges of some sort. These caches are perfect for members who like puzzles, or who have mobility issues.  

Join our community to find some caches or to add some of your own! 

Offer sponsorship to other members, create new caches, approve your sponsoree’s caches, view the status of your submitted caches, and edit your drafts. The TerraCaching Toolkit contains most of your functional needs.