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Peaceful Morning

Geocaching allows our members the opportunity to be outside. With a variety of caches that can be found outdoors, including traditional, virtual, and locationless caches, there are plenty of opportunities to log some outdoor time. Join our community to explore the variety of cache types available. 

smithwitch123 had a particularly nice morning during the Memorial Day Event in Montana. Her words on a quiet morning spent hunting for a locationless cache: 

"I love to be outside.  Sometimes I have to be realistic about my capabilities though.  I may not be able to hike as far as others, or sometimes I’m just not willing to fight off the ticks (yucky) while trying!  I love to take pictures though (that I eternally and desperately try to organize in a useful way)!  So I had a peaceful morning taking pictures at the cabin while everyone else trekked through the woods. 

I was particularly focused on LC7NC which is a locationless cache named Photo Challenge 1 – Birds.  I photographed this gorgeous little Tree Swallow in no time, then wandered the property and meandered down the road a ways.  I did find out later that there was a bear investigating the same areas.  But that’s a story for another day…"

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