WCG (aka How to Fold a Protein) (LCHU)
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WCG (aka How to Fold a Protein) (LCHU)
WCG (aka How to Fold a Protein) by AngryKid.
Posted: 7/20/05
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Here's your chance to donate some of your spare computing cycles to scientific research for the betterment of humanity. Don't know what a computing cycle is? (No, it's not a bicycle with an on-board computer.) No problem. Just follow the simple steps below to do your part, and log this cache.

What is World Community Grid?
World Community Grid's mission is to create the largest public computing grid benefiting humanity. Our work is built on the belief that technological innovation combined with visionary scientific research and large-scale volunteerism can change our world for the better. Our success depends on individuals - like you - collectively contributing their unused computer time to this not-for-profit endeavor.

Simply donate the time your computer is turned on, but would normally lie idle, for projects that benefit humanity. Like a screensaver, grid technology is easy to use, safe and free. When you are ready to use your computer, the grid software will shut itself off until the next time your computer is idle.

Cache Logging Requirements
0. If you already have an account at World Community Grid and are running the software, skip to step 4.
1. Go to World Community Grid, click the "Join" link, and download the grid application.
2. Install the grid software on your home computer.
3. After the install, the software will ask you to create an account on the network. I recommend creating an account with your TerraCaching name, but it's not required to log this cache.
4. Once your account is created, and the software has downloaded it's first chunk of data to process, login to worldcommunitygrid.org with your new account, and join the TerraCaching team.
5. After you have successfully submitted 25 results to the TerraCaching team, post a find log here. If you signed up at the Grid under a different name than your username here, be sure to include it with your log so your log can be validated.
Note: If you joined the TerraCaching team after submitting results previously (possibly to a different team), those results will not be transfered to the TerraCaching team, and will not count toward your requirements to log this cache. Be sure to check your results on this list, as that will be the number used to validate your log, not the one that appears on your profile page.
6. Be sure to leave the software running even after you successfully complete the above requirements since the next goal , in the spirit of friendly competition, is for the TerraCaching team to catch up with and pass our arch rivals. ;-)

A. If, after installing the software, you find your computer running slower than normal, I recommend going into the options and setting the WCG application to run in screen saver mode only. This way, when you're actually trying to work/play at your computer, the application will shut itself down completely, rather than trying to take advantage of every half second the computer isn't doing anything else. The down side of this is that it will take longer for your computer to complete it's work units.

B. If you have access to more computers, (i.e. work computer, kid's computer, mother-in-law's computer, or anywhere else), be sure to install it there too using the same username so you get full credit from all the computers you've installed it on. The more computers you have working on your behalf, the sooner you'll be able the log the cache, and the more you'll be contributing to the project overall.

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