WCG III - Ruby's Reward (LC7TX)
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WCG III - Ruby's Reward (LC7TX)
WCG III - Ruby's Reward by nick_h_nz.
Posted: 4/28/13
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Once upon a time there was a WCG III LC, but it is now archived (and was never found).

In line with many of my caches across GS, OC and TC, I have decided to give Ruby another cache, so here find a revived WCG III, tweaked to become Ruby's Reward.

The original WCG LC explains how to join the WCG, if you are unaware; and you can continue your LC finds with WCG II. To find Ruby's Reward, you must earn a Ruby Project Badge.

"A Project Badge is an acknowledgement of the contribution that a member has made to one of the research projects running at World Community Grid.

There are six levels of badges for run time donated to each research project and each is denoted by a different color background.

Ruby - 180 days"

Please provide a screenshot of your badge(s) in your found log, thanks.

If you have found the World Cache on GS, and have found this LC, Ruby has an additional reward. Watch this space!

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