Truly Well-Rounded Cacher LC - Level I (LC7TB)
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Truly Well-Rounded Cacher LC - Level I (LC7TB)
Truly Well-Rounded Cacher LC - Level I by DudleyGrunt.
Posted: 9/27/12
3 Puzzle
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I've seen "Well-Rounded" challenge caches that require people to find various sizes, types and / or difficulty & terrain ratings. Variety in these types of things are great. However, I think that cachers who limit themselves to a single caching site because it's "too hard" to use more than one or they think there is only one "real" geocahing site, is not fully well-rounded.

I'm launching a series of Locationless Caches to recognize what I consider truly well-rounded cachers.

After logging this one, see if you qualify for Truly Well-Rounded Cacher Level II Award or Truly Well-Rounded Cacher Level III Award LC's. If not, I hope you'll work toward them.

To earn the Truly Well-Rounded Cacher Level I Award, you will need to post links to five logged caches that you have found on five different geocaching listing services. If the site supports it, please post the link that goes directly to your log.

Additional requirements:
  • You may use caches found prior to the publication of this cache.
  • You may use any non-event geocache type, including Locationless caches.*
  • Only "Found" (or equivalent) logs qualify.
  • If claiming a cross-listed cache, you may only use it to satisfy one listing site.
  • If you've used different names on different sites, please be sure to clarify that in your log.

* They must be listed as geocaches, however.

The following (among others) DO NOT count for purposes of this challenge:
  • GPSgames - games other than "geocaching"
  • Groundspeak - Benchmarks, Waymarks and Challenges
  • Letterboxes (except those listed as geocaches, such as on or OpenCacning.US)
  • Munzees

Of course, I can't list everything that that isn't geocaching. I may create a future level or other LC that will allow these other "geo-location" games.

Please test your links to ensure they actually lead to the cache or your log. For GPSgames, I had to right-click on the cache link and "open in a new window" to get a URL that was specific to the cache.

Site - Cache Name - Waypoint Code - Date Found

1. GC - ROOTY TOOT TOOT - GCGGX - 30 May 2006 (my first cache)
2. TC - Maryland's Center of Population Benchmark - TC9O4 - 27 Feb 2008 (my first TerraCache)
3. NC - Chesapeake Beach Veterans Memorial - N02A68 - 19 Jan 2009 (my first Navicache)
4. OCUS - Odd Spots - What’s the Skinny? - OU003B - 21 Aug 2010 (my first OCUS cache)
5. GPS - DC Spy Cache #1 - GE00DA - 15 Sept 2011 (my first GPSgames cache)

Using actual hyperlinks in your log would be very helpful and much appreciated. For help in how to post links in your log, see TC's BBCode Guide.

Supplemental comments for each are completely voluntary, but I would appreciate a little something about your experience using various sites or why you haven't limited yourself. Also, I think it would be great to use your first cache found on each site, but feel free to use whatever criteria you choose - first, favorite, most recent, most memorable, most difficult, random.


Cachew Knutz
Mr.Yuck (WhiteUrkel, TWU)
Tape worm (Parabola)

*While, I can't really claim my own cache, I do satisfy the Level I requirements, as shown in the example above.

Once you have logged this cache, go to Truly Well-Rounded Cacher LC - Level II to see if you quality for the next level.

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