TerraCachin' Fashion (LC7QP)
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TerraCachin' Fashion (LC7QP)
TerraCachin' Fashion by DudleyGrunt.
Posted: 6/24/13
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Show the community your TerraCaching pride and show off your fashion sense at the same time.

To claim this Locationless Cache, post a photo of you wearing your finest TC gear - cap, t-shirt (t-chirt), patch, or even a pair of shorts with "TerraCaching" across the back. It can be something you've purchased from the TC Store or elsewhere - even something homemade.

I'd prefer to see pics of you out caching or at an event. Remember, you're supposed to be showing off your TC pride. You can't show it off if you're standing in front your bathroom mirror. Besides, I hate those type pics, anyway.

If you're going to showcase something homemade, don't make it cheesy. Make something you'd wear out in public or at least among friends at a caching event.

The picture has to be of yourself wearing the item, but if you're really shy, you can blur / obscure your face. It needs to be a wearable item, though. If a patch, it needs to be on on a vest, hat or something. No need to have your GPS in the photo.

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