Shroom! (TCHIP)
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Shroom! (TCHIP)
Shroom! by NativTxn.
In Texas, United States
Posted: 1/04/12
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0.2 0 0 Virtual Small
CC! FF! 5.24 180 4/16/14 12:55
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This virtual should be very easy. Find the Lake Madison Recreation Area. There is a granite marker for the park. In front of the marker, there is a decorated mushroom. I don't know why they put it so close to the original marker, but there it sits.

To log this cache, enter the CC (all lower case) as the first 4 letters of the saying at the bottom of the shroom. I'd love to see pictures at this location, but DO NOT post pictures which show the answer.

First Finder: tamuron. Congrats!

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