I've Been Everywhere (Texas) (LC7MY)
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I've Been Everywhere (Texas) (LC7MY)
I've Been Everywhere (Texas) by NativTxn.
Posted: 12/17/11
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I've see the "I've Been Everywhere" caches. Well, this is the Texas version written by Geoff Mack. The lyrics are listed below. When you cross the border from Louisiana into Texas on I-10, there is a sign that says "El Paso 857". That's a lot of miles of Texas!!!

In order to log this cache, you will need to take a picture of yourself and/or your GPS by the City Limits sign or Welcome sign at any of the cities listed in the song. Each town can only be used ONCE and each cacher can only log this ONE time. Please add the GPS coordinates of the sign.

There is a video for this song at http://youtu.be/NNkucbM4wF0. The following picture is not in the song, but you get the idea.

I was totin' my pack along the dusty Amarillo road
when along came a semi with a high and canvas covered load.
"If you're goin' to Amarillo, Mack, with me you can ride,"
and so I climbed up in the cab and then I settled down inside.
He asked me if I'd seen a road with so much dust and sand,
and I said, "listen, bud, I've traveled every road in this here land..."

I've been everywhere, man,
I've been everywhere, man,
I've crossed the deserts bare, man,
breathed the mountain air, man,
of travel I've had my share, man,
I've been everywhere.

I've been to Waco, Hico, Hondo, Navasota,
Winnsboro, Jacksboro, Hillsboro, Santa Rosa,
Austin, Houston, Galveston, Texarkana,
Frisco, Buffalo, Conroe, Corsicana,
Goliad, Groesbeck, Glen Rose, Red Oak,
Post Oak, Live Oak, Lone Oak, no joke...


I've been to Krugerville, Pflugerville, Van Horn, Val Verde,
Brackettville, Bartonville, Beeville, Bulverde,
Bear Creek, Cedar Creek, Mill Creek, Mineola,
Maypearl, Monahans, Telephone, Tuscola,
Redwater, Round Rock, Round Top, Round Lake,
Sour Lake, Southlake, Springlake, for Pete's sake...


I've been to Greenville, Gatesville, Gainesville, Alameda,
Kerrville, Kellyville, Bastrop, Benavides,
Somerville, Smithville, Stephenville, Prairie View,
Luckenbach, Longview, Plainview, Idalou,
Justin, Junction, Panorama, Pasadena,
Angelina, and Lorena...see what I mean-a...


I've been to Valley Mills, Pine Mills, Dime Box, Duncanville,
New Home, New Hope, New Deal, Liberty Hill,
Rockport, Rock Creek, Bridgeport, Brownwood,
Cleburne, Comanche, Cut & Shoot, Cottonwood,
Bayview, Bayside, Baytown, Bay City,
Falls City, Center City, Bridge City, what a pity...


When it comes to travelin' Texas, friend,
I've been everywhere.

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