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Welcome to TCki!

Welcome to TCki (pronounced tee-CEE-kee), the TerraCaching Community Wiki. Any sponsored members of the community can edit and update it (even this page, when it grows out of date). This will be the new home of all TerraCaching related FAQs, tutorials, etc. Got something to add? Add it! See something that needs correcting (factual, spelling, grammar, or formatting), go for it. If you're a sponsored member of the community, this is your TCki.

You'll need to be logged in to TCki to make edits, and your username and password are exactly the same as for the main TC site.

Acceptable info to have here...

Unacceptable info to have here...

  • SPAM!
  • Questions you don't know the answer to (post those to the forums).
  • Bug reports & feature wish lists (also belongs in the forums).
  • Info specifically related to one cache or one part of the world.
  • Your personal list of favorite caches, cachers, beer recipes.
  • Anything else that's not generally of interest to the entire TerraCaching Community.

Get Started

For text formatting tips and tricks, see the WikiMedia Help:Editing page for now, although somebody should copy that info to our own Help:Editing page soon.
For some inspiration, check out Wikipedia, Wikispecies, and Geocaching Australia's Wiki.
Practice in the Sandbox.

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